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Lavender + Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil Body Oil

Lavender + Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil Body Oil

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Much more than your average body oil, Lavender Fields is the antidote to dry and dull skin. Formulated with lavender infused virgin Chardonnay grapeseed oil rich with skin loving antioxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins.  The body oil is rounded out with ultra moisturizers and hydrators like Pistachio and Camellia oils and a touch of Jojoba oil.


Lavender Fields is a treat for the skin and the senses. Apply the oil as part of your unwinding ritual by breathing in the calming blend of aromatic lavender oils and pure vanilla to calm the mind and prepare for a restful night, or anytime you need a little calmness.


⏵About the Oil:

Small batch handcrafted with nutrient rich oils Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil and Camellia oils to nourish and hydrate the skin with a dry silky feel. 

⏵Benefits and Uses of Botanical Bath and Body Products:
•    Fast absorbing oils leave skin smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy
•    All natural and botanical ingredients give your skin all the nutrients it needs without any chemicals or toxic dyes or fragrances
•    Perfect massage oil due to the slip and glide properties of the oils

⏵ Key Ingredients:
•    Grapeseed Oil – fast absorbing, antimircrobial, improves skin’s elasticity and circulation
•     Pistachio Oil- Rich in Vitamin E, prevents breakout (think back acne) and improves skin’s elasticity
•    Camellia Oil – Excellent emollient
•    Provence Lavender – Stress reduction, promotes sleep, restores skin’s natural luminosity