Meet the Founder

Ann Mierisch is the founder and Apotecaire of Chamomile Botanicals.  She is a master formulator and a diplomat in natural skincare from the International School of Natural Skincare, Formula Botanica and the Tisser Institute.  Ann learned her formulating skills at the Culinary Institute of America where she learned how to incorporate herbs and flowers into her foods and uses those skills in formulating her skincare products. Equal amounts of texture, scent and efficacy. 


After her second battle with cancer, she decided to return to nature to help restore her body and skin from the cancer treatments.  Turning to her knowledge of formulating from cooking school, her love of botany, she embarked on a year long natural and botanical skincare course and herbal apothecary.  The result of this extensive schooling and ongoing research is Chamomile Botanicals.


The company name is a tribute to  Ann's great-grandmother and her grandfather.  Two very important figures from Ann's childhood.  Ann's Uroma (great-grandmother in German) first introduced her to Chamomile tea at her legendary tea parties with her friends back in Berlin, it was love at first taste.  Ann's love of botany and gardens comes from her beloved Opa (grandfather in German)  who taught her about botany and how to garden and respect the land

when she was just 4 years old.  So when Ann embarked her skincare journey, the name was the easy part.  

















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