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Chamomile Botanicals was created by a desire to return to nature to restore and replenish damaged and unhealthy skin.  Its’ founder and chief formulator, Ann Mierisch, in a quest to rid her body of the toxic chemicals and restore her skin after cancer treatments, returned to nature to heal her body.  She set out to create a natural, botanical and clean skincare brand that not only effective but was also in harmony with the planet.  Read more about Ann, her journey and qualifications here. 


As we care deeply respect this beautiful planet that provides us with so much natural goodness we took steps to ensure that we are doing our part to protect and honor it.  We partner and procure only from growers and suppliers that adhere to strict sustainable and ethical growing and harvest practices. Our ingredients in turn are of the highest quality and often wild-sourced and harvested.  To further ensure we are being kind to the planet, we have switched out our product containers and shipping materials for recycled materials that can be composted and/or reused.  We urge all of our customers to recycle and reuse whenever possible.  We also reduced much of our outer packaging such as product boxes to minimize the landfill waste impact.


We handcraft each product in small-batches to ensure freshness and efficacy.  Each product has carefully chosen botanicals , plant-stem cell and plant peptides along with nourishing sea ingredients based on their specific properties and careful intention to the product’s intended purposes.


Our products are our own carefully researched and tested formulations that created without synthetic dyes and fragrances, chemicals, parabens, mineral or palm oils,  petroleum, or GMO ingredients. Our ingredients nor our products are never tested on animals and we do not do business with or sell to companies that engage in animal testing.



We strongly believe in creating daily cleansing and skincare rituals to nourish not only your skin but your mind as well. We believe skincare can be both luxurious and affordable at the same time.  We created our products to be little indulgences and luxuries for every-day life. Just like using the good china to drink your morning coffee. 


 In our busy daily lives, its important to carve out a little time for self-care.  Create a skincare ritual that fits your schedule, it can be as simple and fast or as complex and long as you wish.  We offer an array of products for your skincare ritual. 


Thank you for trusting us with your skincare needs and welcome to the Chamomile Botanicals.

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