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Giving Back 

                                                                                             Beauty with a Heart


We believe in sharing our good fortune to help protect our planet and our animal friends. We team up with a variety of different charities throughout the year.  We are a very eco-conscious and animal friendly company and as such team up with charities that help protect the earth, believe in sustainable farming and sourcing and  protect our animal friends.


In the spring of this year we adopted several orangutans from the Borneo Organgutan Survival Foundation BOS Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation This is a wonderful foundation that rescues orphaned orangutans, rehabilitates and re-introduces them back to their habitats.  They work tirelessly to stop the destruction of their habitats. Palm Oil Plantations are to blame for a 40% of forest reduction in Boreno alone killing hundreds of orangutans and orphaning many more.  You can "adopt" an orangutan and your donations go towards their care and rehabilitation. Rest assured that none of our products contain palm oil.  Our little adoptee is Monita.

Over the summer we teamed up with our friends at Ocean Conservancy, Ocean Conservancy and raised over $1,500 to donate to this worthy cause. The conservancy is involved in ocean clean up, raising awareness to global warming and climate change that affects our oceans and our plant, wild life preservation, sustained fishing and more.  

Christmas: Operation Santa Paws

During the Christmas season we partner up with the Orange County Humane Society -OC Humane Society  and  4liferescue - 4LifeAnimal Rescue We donate 10% of our December sales to these two great organizations that help our animal friends in need.  This is an operation that we run every Christmas to help shelter and foster animals and to raise awareness of animal homelessness.  Adopt, don’t shop.

Winter-Spring 2020

We are just devasted by the destruction of land and animals due to the Australia wildfires.  Staggering 1 billion animals were killed during the wildfires and thousands of others require medical attention and relocation.  The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors was established by Steve and Terri Irwin to protect and care for injured animals as well as conservation of animals.  The Irwin family has taken in over 90,000 animals injured during the wildfires.  We have decided to donate 10% of all of our sales through April to this wonderful organization. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors 























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