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Body and Body Hair Care Kit- Soft Kitty and Nude Lotion

Body and Body Hair Care Kit- Soft Kitty and Nude Lotion

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Winter skin needs tending to, add a little something extra to your winter skincare rountine.   Nude Body Lotion and Soft Kitty Oil are designed to hydrate, soothe and smooth the skin and body hair. 


What's in the kit:

Nude Body Firming Lotion - Nude was designed using whole botanicals, plant based ingredients like hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and plant peptides to encourage new collagen production which in turn will aide in creating firmer and smoother skin.  Formulated to not only aid in new collagen production, but also to provide deep nourishing hydration for the skin.  Formulated to quickly absorb into the skin, leaving skin soft smooth and never greasy. The results are firmer and less crepey looking skin.


Soft Kitty Oil- A lightweight and fast absorbing oil that softens your pubic hairs, mitigates ingrown hairs due to shaving or waxing and calms and soothes your feminine intimate skin. No greasy mess in your panties or your sheets.


Apply 1-3 drops daily after bath or shower on pubic hairs
Apply 2-5 drops after w⏵axing and shaving to mitigate inflammation and ingrown hairs
Use anywhere where hair meets skin

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