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Blue Drift Mineral Bath Soak

Blue Drift Mineral Bath Soak

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Therapeutic + relaxing mineral bath salts 
to ease tension in the mind + body

⏵Why You Need These Bath Salts:
Drift bath soak is specially formulated to gently relax overworked and tired muscles allowing both the mind and body to unwind and release tension and soreness. Nourishing botanical minerals and salts dissolve in the bath to help relax and soothe sore muscles and joints and fade tension away while you peacefully drift in an aromatic bath.

⏵About These Bath Salts:
A purposefully crafted bath soak with therapeutic blends of salts and botanicals to alleviate sore and tired muscles and tension in the body and mind. 

⏵Other Uses:
Short on time or down't like baths, try these soaking salts as a foot soak to soothe tired and achy feet while improving your foot health. 

Eco-friendly + recycled French-style apothecary reusable plastic bottle. Net weight 8 ounces

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