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Natural Shaving Soap Bars

Natural Shaving Soap Bars


Unisex Natural Shaving Soap + Grapefruit Oil + Nourishing Oils 
for Close and Hydrating Shave 


⏵Why You Need This Soap:

Unisex shave soap that is a great alternative to aerosol shave creams and offers close shaves for both men and women. Plenty of foaming action and loaded with hydrating oils to leave skin smooth and soft. Each bar is plastic-free and sustainable, making it a zero-waste item that is kind to the planet.


⏵About the Soap:

A natural foaming shaving soap will plenty of foaming action for a close hydrating shave. We loaded this soap with hydrating oils like almond and apricot oils to leave your skin hydrated and soft. French clays boost the exfoliating and purification process. Grapefruit oils adds additional gentle exfoliation and skin brightening properties. 


Please be advised that natural citrus oils give a light fragrance scent in soaps, but rest assured you are still gaining the benefits of the grapefruit oils and a light and enjoyable scent that is not overwhelming.


Handmade in small batches with natural ingredients and always cruelty free.  We do not use synthetic fragrances but instead create plant-based fragrances by using the hightest quality essential oils, plant extracts and essences.


All of our products are free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances and colors, parabens, phthalates, palm oils,  mineral oils and petroleum. We are cruelty free 🐇.