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Rose Clay Face Soap Bar

Rose Clay Face Soap Bar


French Rose Clay + Shea Butter Face Soap
for Sensitive and Dry Skin


⏵Why You Need This Soap:
Our most popular face soap.  Created for sensitive and dry skin to cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.  Created with nourishing shea butter, rosehip, olive oil and French pink and rose clays for gently but effective cleansing and moisturizing.  This soap creates a luxurious lather and leaves the skin feel clean, hydrated and soft.


The color and texture may vary from bar to bar as each bar is unique and hand crafted. These variations in no way diminish the effectiveness of the soap just a natural part of all-natural and botanical skincare.  

Price Options
One-time purchase
Rose Clay Soap
More suds for less
$10.20every month until canceled