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Say goodbye to harmful and toxic shampoo and conditioners. Meet our new solid all natural shampoo and conditioner bars.

Beach Vacation

Introducing our new seasonal skincare line.

Skincare formulated with seasonal ingredients for each of the seasons. Read more about seasonal skincare in our blog.

​As we transition from winter to spring so does our skin's needs. 

Meet Summertime, a dry to the touch hydrating body oil. Your perfect summertime companion.

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Skincare Rooted in Nature
With a Touch of Indulgence


Chamomile Botanicals is a luxurious and small- batch crafted skincare line deeply rooted in nature. We have returned to nature to bring you clean, natural, sustainable and cruelty-free products that are not only highly effective but provide a little indulgence to your daily skincare and bathing rituals.  We deeply honor and care about our planet and that is why we pledged to bottle our products in eco-friendly, recycled, and reusable containers.  We took the extra step to convert all of our shipping supplies to recycled and compostable materials to ensure we are leaving a small carbon footprint.


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The Serum Collection

Shop our line of face serums and oils And see what a difference natural skincare can do for you.

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Blue Velvet Face Balm

A magical solid to fluid face balm designed to melt on contact with the skin to soothe and moisturized dry and sensitive skin.